Take Siege and the Walls Come Tumblring Down
 - Daft Mouth
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It’s a cool place, and they say it gets harder

You’re bundled up now, wait ‘til you get better

I wish Brendon Small would just write Metalocalypse as rock operas from now on


whenever i see this gif


i think of this one time my sister was riding in the car and she was doodling

and she finished drawing this shark right at a stop light so she turns to the guy in the car next to her and holds up her drawing and shows it to him

and he looks over at it and he makes like that exact expression



what’s Whitney Houston’s favorite type of coordination?


i hate this i hate u 


"mickey i am fed up wit your bullshit devil magic"

I kinda wanna go to sleep right now but it’s only like 7:30

i have not stopped listening to this send help

Social anxiety is the WORST